“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to gather wood, give orders and divide the work. Rather, teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea.”

Meet the Team

LesleyLesley NickNick Moore Insight - Embracing Change, Promoting Success

About Us

We are experienced managers, trainers and facilitators working locally and nationally in the public sector, and in private and voluntary settings. We work with individuals, teams, services, organisations and national agencies together: looking for more effective ways of working, developing and improving to achieve positive outcomes for service users and carers.

The Way We Work

We work with and to your agenda for change, beginning by listening hard and deep about where it is you want to get to. We always encourage you to invite other people into change planning conversations from the outset, to ensure that the collective wisdom is informing each step. Our focus will always be on what's going right and what's possible; rather than what's going wrong. What we focus on grows. We offer a gentle hand at the elbow, facilitating the change you want to see happen, enabling the change makers from within your team/organisation to emerge and flourish and carry things forward into the future.

What Can We Do?

“If I could ask one thing in any situation ... it would not be ‘what’s wrong and what will fix it?’, but ‘what’s possible here and who cares?’”Weisbord (1987)

Picture a locality where many of the public services are struggling. Employees in health, social care and education, are demoralised and weary; morale is low. Social workers, teachers, mental health experts are leaving; those remaining feel undervalued and isolated from the organisation, from colleagues, and from the service users. The outside pressures to improve and develop services threaten and divide.

Now imagine walking into these services a year later and discovering that:

“When I entered the building I sensed that something had changed. There was lightness in the air. Employees greeted me, each other and the service users with a smile and sincerity.  Joy and unity had been restored.  Resignation and defeat had been transformed into communication, learning, commitment, responsibility, partnership, accomplishment and delight.”

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