“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to gather wood, give orders and divide the work. Rather, teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea.”


Here are some articles produced by us which you may wish to download:

Lesley has been co-editing the Feb 11 edition of the Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner global journal on Positive and Appreciative Leadership. Unique stories and resources from all over the world illuminate new practices of leadership - where everyday heroes achieve everyday miracles.
PDF - Opens in new window Read the introduction to this issue here.
To purchase a full copy of this important edition, please visit Anne Radford's AI Practitioner website.

PDF - Opens in new window ‘Great Children’s Social Work Supervision looks like this’

PDF - Opens in new window ‘DTIR’ Lincoln workshop

PDF - Opens in new window Transforming ICS usage in Croydon

PDF - Opens in new window Creating a shared vision for ICS with children's social care staff in Croydon - 2010.

PDF - Opens in new window Seismic change in Plymouth and video - take a look at the impact of some exciting work with people in Plymouth earlier this year, in their film about Putting People First, and read about their story of deep change at great speed.

Word Document - Opens with Office Word Nancy Kline's 10 components of a thinking environment

Word Document - Opens with Office Word Bridging the gap between learning and practice

Word Document - Opens with Office Word Looking the other way is an in-depth report on how appreciative inquiry, applied in our workshops, can produce incredible success.

Word Document - Opens with Office Word Background context is based on an article published by community care in 2005, and gives a real insight into some of the detail of and background to appreciative inquiry.

PDF - Opens in new window Safeguarding Children - Learning from Success details how we can achieve creative ways of working with LSCBs to improve safeguarding practice.

Word Document - Opens with Office Word Learning from successful safeguarding is a story about having an important idea and acting on it. It describes what took place when my colleague and I acted boldly, without authority, permission or commission, inviting a whole system to come together to co-create a completely new model for reviewing the cases of children in need of safeguarding. We acted to influence and inspire a traditional system to think and act differently.