“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to gather wood, give orders and divide the work. Rather, teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea.”

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We support people to safeguard vulnerable children young people and adults.

Thank you for your curiosity about our work, some of which we have showcased on this site.

Together, we achieve highly effective and inspirational outcomes, working alongside people who care... promoting success and helping them to create more of it.

Collaborative Inquiry [CI]

Brave colleagues from the UK and Australia who have been trialling the Collaborative Inquiry approach are currently contributing their experience and new ideas to the co-creation of a new handbook.

Edition 2 which we re calling Collaborative Inquiry [CI] is fast becoming a rich collaboration in itself, packed full of wisdom from multi-agency professionals across a wide range of public sector organisations.

“I think its invaluable – excellent learning opportunity.” CI Participant

The CI approach focuses on what people who safeguard others do that works well, building on our knowledge and experience of exceptional practice. Working simultaneously with stakeholders from the whole system, CI capitalises on hindsight to enable the emergence of new ideas and actions that make a real and better difference.

As we recover and learn together the consistently energising message is about how highly the CI approach motivates everyone to hear, see, think and move forward collectively, sharing responsibility for success, progress and practice enhancement. Edition 2 of the CI handbook introduces new innovations; and takes forward those elements that are having the highest and most effective impact.

“It has made me feel privileged and humble.” CI Participant

Our invitation to join us continues, and we look forward to welcoming you in:

  • Trying out the CI process
  • Experiencing its impact by noticing the changes it enables, and
  • Contributing to the ongoing evaluation and refinement of the approach, influencing future editions with your wisdom about how it works best.

Sarah Lewis, author of ‘Positive Psychology At Work’, said about Edition 1: “It is excellent. A really practical handbook that explains the approach and gives clear and comprehensive guidance on how to apply it, with supporting documentation. It is beautifully cleanly written. Clear and to the point. It flows very well. It is also inspiring. I believe you and Jayne have produced something of tremendous value and I am honoured to be mentioned in your reference list. Job well done.”

If you would like to become involved do get in touch by emailing: .

Check out our videos on our Videos page and watch groups of mixed stakeholders using strengths based approaches to achieve all that they hoped for, and more. You can also view our slideshow on our Photos page.